Save Time with Revenue Reporting Services

Revenue Reporting Services

To understand and unlock your hotel’s true revenue potential, you need one thing: detailed and accurate revenue reports.

Revenue reports can help you track, monitor, and manage the following KPIs:

  1. Occupancy rate – Number of rooms booked compared to the number of rooms available 
  2. ADR– Average Daily Rate
  3. ALOS – Average Length of Stay 

These revenue reports assist your team in tracking room rates, room availability, pacing, competitive pricing, and more. With such heavy importance, it’s no surprise you’ll want to lean on experts for the best reporting services. 

Prosper Hotels will deliver revenue reports directly to your inbox and will help you optimize the above metrics on an ongoing basis.

Schedule a consultation with our team today to learn more about our revenue reporting services. 

Daily Insight on Micro Details

Your data is as useful as the insights you draw from them. Most hotels’ revenue management teams can easily draw insights from data like revenue collected in that month, direct bookings, number of delighted customers, etc.

But most don’t have anything on the micro details.

Prosper Hotel’s revenue reporting services will go above and beyond to deliver insights on the micro details you need to run your business.

Curious about the specific market segments that are booked this Tuesday? Want to know what rewards bookings you’ve picked up and their potential incremental revenue? 

We will deliver this information to you. Every day.

Eliminate Meeting Packets

Meeting packets are documents that contain all the reports the attendants need before joining a weekly revenue meeting. These packets help the attendants improve communication and gain transparency into their process to make better decisions. 

While these meeting packets can be full of important information, they also are time-consuming to create. Eliminate these packets and get the information you need right at your fingertips by partnering with Prosper Hotels. 

Our experts will provide you with reports before your weekly revenue meeting so your managers can save time and hit the ground running:

  • Pace and Position – They reveal patterns in bookings to help you adjust your room rates.
  • Mix of business – This report helps you compare your mix of market segments to other time periods to ensure you are making the most profitable decisions.
  • Group bookings – This report will inform you of which group contracts have been picked up, the cut-off date for these bookings, and how many rooms are still available to sell. 

Consistent Data for All Brands

With a large portfolio, your data should be presented in a consistent format no matter your market, brand, or location. 

We’ll share an organized document full of data in a consistent standard format across all major brands and hotels. This will reduce confusion and eliminate the need to translate data during analysis.

Time-Saving Report Generation

For accurate revenue management for your hotel, you will need to generate the following reports:

  • Price analysis reports – This report provides details about your hotel’s performance by day with additional insights about customer segment performance, booking times, and length of stay
  • Competitor review reports – This report will provide data that can help you find your position among top competitors and compare the bottom-line performance
  • Channel analysis reports – You’ll find the efficiency of various booking channels in this report, such as direct online bookings, phone call bookings, and online travel agencies 
  • Market segmentation reports – This detailed report helps you understand the performance of different types of guests
  • Pace and position reports – Discover how quickly you’re picking up rooms and determine if you need to adjust room rate spread (RRS) to speed up or slow down
  • Mix of business reports – This report will help you compare your mix of market segments to other time periods so you can guarantee that you’re making the most profitable decisions
  • Rewards bookings reports – Gain visualization on how many loyalty bookings you have each day and the incremental revenue available to you if you hit a sellout

The challenge is that you need all the above reports — every day — and collecting them may take quite a while.

By leveraging our revenue reporting services, you will get all of the above reports daily and across all your brands in an easy-to-read Excel format. Gone are the days of individual dashboards for each hotel. 

365 Days A Year

You know the saying, “The early bird gets the worm?”. Well, hotels that receive early reporting often yield better results than those that wait. With this in mind, Prosper Hotels will deliver your reports before you even log into your email each morning so that your hotel can thrive. 

With timely and regular financial reporting, you’ll avoid missing out on revenue opportunities.  

We will help you get ahead of the competition by sending all the reports directly to your inbox first thing in the morning, 365 days a year.

Learn Why Prosper Hotels Excels at Revenue Reporting

Prosper Hotels provides revenue reporting services that are:

  • Simple functionality for all hoteliers at any experience level to use
  • Ideal for hotels of any shape, size, and market segment
  • Adaptable to changing market conditions
  • Crafted by knowledgeable experts with years of combined experience

Hotels of all segments, shapes, and sizes have found thousands of dollars in revenue with the help of our expert team. 

We enjoy working with Prosper. They are professionals and very knowledgeable. They understand our needs and ensure that the communication is open and clear. Additionally, they bring an experienced team willing to help us grow revenues by capturing short and long term opportunities.” Carolina Torres Area Director – Economos Properties

Seamlessly Track Revenue with Prosper Hotels

Revenue reporting is crucial for more than just maximizing profits.

Prosper Hotels will not only help you track your revenue but will also set up processes to automate that. Plus, our experts are available to work with you on an ongoing basis to keep giving you actionable insights on all your revenue reports.

Let’s get started!

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