Prosperous Beginnings

I am excited to introduce you to Prosper, Chris Cranford and my new revenue management services firm. I want to take a moment and share our story, our vision and where we’re headed. 

I met Chris a decade ago while working in revenue management at a major hotel company. We started working together on a project to create a new RM program for hotels, which in time became massively successful. We hired hundreds of people and built an award-winning culture. 

From there we took on new challenges. Chris went on to build out revenue management programming for our hotels in China, while I stayed here to build out other teams. There was some alchemy with the two of us working together, and we knew that we’d be back building together again. 

Whether we were sitting down for tacos or just catching up on the phone, we both came to realize we have unfinished RM business. We knew that there was an opportunity to build the best revenue management support an owner or management company could get – portfolio level support across their brands.

So we got to work. Over many long days at my dining room table, we did our research with owners, management company executives, GM’s and RM’s. We heard the pain points of the fragmented and time-intensive nature of the existing revenue management landscape, and where the true needs are in the market. We knew there was a clear opportunity to build a cost-effective, smart, and reliable solution– to be empathetic to the real needs of hotels, deliver better results and create a true end-to-end solution.

We hired incredibly seasoned revenue management leaders – each with decades of experience – and a best-in-class advanced analytics team to create consistent support across different hotel brands. 

We’ve built it all with hotel owners and management companies in mind. Our experience and model allows us to take a customized approach to each hotel and market, provide consistent reporting across different brands, and focus intently on revenue-maximizing actions. And thanks to that customized approach, our solutions have uncovered new revenue opportunities for our clients – critical in a year like 2021 where historical data and tactics won’t take a hotel very far.

We’re proud of what we’re building and have made an impact with all of our clients. If you’re evaluating your hotel or portfolio’s RM capabilities or effectiveness, give Chris or me a shout. We love to talk shop, are up for any challenge and truly believe we can help any operator drive revenue and save money in a time when that’s never been more important.



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