Hilton Digital Marketing Opportunities

As a hotel owner or operator you understand the challenges that come with the territory. The constant quest to attract new guests, retain previous ones, and ensure a steady stream of revenue can seem like an uphill battle. But, what if we told you that the key to unlocking a constant stream of guests lies in digital marketing?

Hilton's Array of Advertising Channels

Hilton Hotels have an array of channels readily available for advertising. Harnessing the power of these channels can significantly boost your hotel’s visibility and attract a broader audience.

Hilton Elevate/Amplify

The Hilton Elevate/Amplify platform from Koddi is designed to streamline your advertising efforts. It works by leveraging Google Hotel Ads, Expedia Travel Ads, Booking Network Ads, Social Media Ads, Paid Search, and Sponsored Listings.

This tool from Koddi has the potential to massively amplify your hotel’s online presence and ultimately your bottom line. The brand will offer matching incentives so take advantage of the free money when you can.


Email marketing remains a powerful tool in the digital marketing arsenal. Clairvoyix offers an email marketing service specifically designed to target past guests, keeping your hotel at the forefront of their minds when planning their next trip. This can be a costly initiative, so prepare a good offer if you are going with this solution. Clairvoyix is the only brand-approved email vendor for Hilton hotels at this time.

GDS Advertising

Global Distribution Systems, or GDS, are key players in the travel industry. Through platforms like TravelClick/Amadeus and Sabre, you can reach travel agents and potential guests worldwide, boosting bookings and enhancing your global reach. This is a great option for hotels looking to attract business and government travel.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a force to be reckoned with. New platforms are always developing. Outlets like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and SnapChat not only allow you to reach a broad audience but also enables you to engage with them, fostering a sense of community and loyalty around your brand. There are many targeting options available with social media, but it has been shown that social media is not a big factor in the booking process. It is a better tool for awareness. We personally think your money could be better spent elsewhere.


Looking to target government travelers? A Sponsored FedRooms campaign can be a great way to do just that, ensuring your hotel is front and center when government employees are planning their travel.


Local ad campaigns and email marketing through your Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) can help you tap into a local audience, attracting guests who are seeking a unique, local experience. Not every CVB offers advertising opportunities but a good amount of them do. 

Wedding Sites

Platforms like The Knot and Wedding Wire can help your hotel become a go-to venue for weddings. With the right marketing, your hotel could become a dream destination for couples tying the knot.

Embrace the Power of Digital Marketing

As a hotelier, you have access to an array of powerful digital marketing tools. By leveraging these channels, you can boost your hotel’s visibility, attract a broader audience, and ultimately drive more bookings.

The path to success can be challenging, but with the right digital marketing strategy, you can overcome these hurdles and thrive. Embrace the powerful tools at your disposal and watch your hotel rise to new heights.

Ready to unlock the power of digital marketing for your Hilton Hotel? Contact us today! We can’t wait to work with you.

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